Strong support from the Government
Scholarships available for international students
– 2,000 government scholarships each year

– Apply for both college students and exchange students

Government support system expands
– The International Education Establishment and Assurance System (IEQAS) was created to enhance the capacity of Korean higher education institutions by providing monopoly benefits only to organizations recognition

– Introduction to globalization indexes for university rankings, which encourages universities to focus on global strategies, such as providing English lectures.

Excellent academic environment
433 Colleges and Universities offer different degrees in the majors
Different sectors and professions in Korea

Excellent academic environment
433 Colleges and Universities offer different degrees in various fields and professions in Korea

South Korea has the highest educational and educational achievement in the OECD countries

Low fee
The average annual tuition fee for Korean universities is about $ 5,500 a year, about one third of advanced countries.

In addition, most Korean universities offer a range of scholarships to international students depending on their academic achievements.

Multicultural and prosperous culture
International students will be exposed to a modern society developed with rich history of 5,000 years of age

International students will be attracted and feel attracted by all the traditional and cultural aspects of Korea thanks to the spread of the wave.

Technological aspects
Strong investment in South Korea’s R & G and ICT has enabled high-tech products 64 to have the largest market share in the world including memory chips, smartphones, liquid crystals and shipbuilding. .

The nationwide 4G network has achieved its goals in the public sector

High standard of living
Safe and less crime
With low crime rates and favorable geographical position, the country has been able to avoid natural disasters. Together with the warm hearts of Korean people and humble spirit, Korea is the safest place to live in the world.

Transport system and comfortable living environment with advanced infrastructure and development

Job opportunities
17 global Korean companies are listed in the Fortune Global 500. 12,000 overseas affiliates are established by Korean companies. Career opportunities and job fairs for international students.