What do you need to prepare to study in Korea?

  1. Knowledge
    As international students, Vietnamese students who wish to study at Korean universities do not need to take entrance exams, however, in order to be accepted into the university, the student’s records must pass. Highly Qualified Admissions Panel. Therefore, when planning to study in Korea, students should have good study at the high school or college level to get a relatively good score
  2. Language
    Although in most recent years most Korean universities have courses in both English and Korean, however, at university level, international students are often required to take a Korean language course. About 1 year before the official entrance to the bachelor. For master’s degrees, in addition to the Faculty of International Studies, other subjects have very few subjects taught in English. Therefore, regardless of the admission requirements of Korean language schools (TOPIK), students should still study Korean first in Vietnam or choose one year of Korean language preparation at the school before enter formal school. In addition, with good Korean language you can easily make friends with native speakers and easily integrate with people and the country
  3. Learn culture
    The biggest problem for all international students is their cultural shock when they leave their hometowns with a completely different learning and living environment. So do not be too worried, Korea is an Asian country with a lot of similarities in culture with Vietnam. The first is about culinary culture. Korean people have a lot of unique dishes, taste is also very close to Vietnamese cuisine, so most Vietnamese students are very fast adapt to Korean food. Their dishes are also made from pork, beef, chicken or seafood like us. However, a special point is that Koreans eat very spicy so it will be difficult little with the students do not eat spicy. In terms of lifestyle, Koreans are considered the most disciplined and disciplined residents in Asia. You will always have to be on time, always lined up in public, obeying traffic laws … Luckily Koreans are very friendly so do not hesitate to ask for help from local people. Another big difference is that Koreans study and work with the later time frame in Vietnam. Do not be surprised if your morning classes start at 9 o’clock and 1 o’clock in the afternoon for lunch or at 12 o’clock you can still buy a gato at any street shop.
  4.  Prepare financially
    In order to study well, you have to make sure that you are financially secure. In addition to tuition fees, textbook fees, tuition fees, you also have to consider fees such as housing, meals, travel, insurance premiums. … Regular tuition fees will be announced on the school website for students to easily calculate the cost. The remaining fees depend on the city of residence and the cost of living of each student. While eating in Korea is not much, even cheaper as in Vietnam, the cost of renting houses is the most expensive. In the capital, Seoul will cost you from $ 300- $ 500 per month for housing with basic necessities including washing machines or air conditioners. The total cost for one month living in the capital will range from $ 500- $ 700.

Although it is prepared, but surely everyone is very anxious for the choice of studying in a foreign country, advice for you to get acquainted and communicate with the siblings. Our incense in Korea. The Vietnamese community in Korea, or the Vietnamese student body of each school, is very active in helping each other out, helping each other overcome their loneliness while studying and working away from home. .

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