There are 13 types of visa entry into Korea for the purposes of Vietnamese citizens, specifically as follows: commercial visa, tourist visa, marriage visa, visa to visit Korean children, visa to visit people I am studying for a master’s or doctoral degree or have E3 and E7 visas in Korea, a student visa, a master’s and doctoral visa, a work visa, a work visa, a training visa, a visa for a conference, transit visa, medical visa.

General rules:
Request to provide a photo ID for all types of Visa
In case Visa Trade authorizes another employee to submit the household, the authorization of the person who needs to submit the dossier or the letter of introduction of the company (signed and stamped) together with photo proving letter of the payer
In the case of Visiting Visas, only individuals with the same name are allowed to apply for a visa or obtain a visa.
All documents prepared by the Vietnamese side need to be translated in English or Korean. In the case of documents issued by a Vietnamese government agency (business registration certificate, household registration book, red book, birth certificate, marriage certificate, savings book …) There is an official English or Korean translation.
All visa applications must be A4 size paper.
Application forms include:
– 01 visa application with 1 photo 3 x 4cm taken within 3 months up to the date of visa application (must be submitted in Korean or English).

– Original passport (longer than 6 months for all types of Visa under 90 days and more than 1 year for all kinds of Visa over 1 year from the visa issuance date).

III. Time limit for visa consideration:

– Currently, due to overcrowded visa application, from 20 June 2011, visa processing time will be 8 working days (instead of 5 working days as before) if the dossier has no problem. Applicable for all types of visa except Marriage, Overseas and Labor visa.

– In case of supplementary documents, the visa issuance period may be longer than the appointment date and after the additional date of 1 to 2 days, the results will be announced (except for marriage visa and student visa).

– Denied applications must be returned within 1 week of the notification of the result.

Visa fee:
– 30 USD for visa application less than 90 days

– $ 50 visa application once over 90 days

– 80 USD multiple passes

– Fees are only charged in US dollars (USD).

Time of receipt: 09:00 ~ 12:00
Visa payment time: From 14:00 ~ 16:00