About Us

Consulting Em.Davinci Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a 100% Korean investment company operating in two main fields of education and study abroad. Em.Davinci’s goal is to support students who want to study in Malaysia, Thailand, the United States, and Korea. And we look forward to resolving the gap between the education system in Vietnam and the education system in other developed countries.
Recently, Em Davinci successfully counseled and supported many students to study in Korea. The president has deep knowledge of students’ difficulties, strengths and wishes while studying abroad because they have Korean staff who have worked and studied in Korea.
With the motto: “Prestige makes the brand”, the past years Em Davinci has become a prestigious company in the field of study abroad consultancy Korea for many years and receive the love and trust of many students studying abroad and their parents.
With passionate and dedicated teachers and staff, Em Davinci helps students have a brighter future. The students come to us as follows.
– Choose the university that best suits your academic, hobby, and financial abilities.
– Accommodation and tuition free in Vietnam during the study period and paperwork
– There is a high probability of a visa.
– Introduce more part-time jobs to students in your home country
– I introduce my job after graduation.
Em Davinci “Raise your wings and fly with the future”
Thank you!