E.M.D. Vietnam has continuously recruited international students to study in (WORKING WHILE STUDYING) in Korea, the program details as follows:
1. Advantages of the VOCABULARY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM in Korea.
– Pay tuition fees according to actual listing of Universities or Colleges posted in Korea.
– There are more jobs to come to Korea, students do not have to worry about looking for work. Earnings range from $ 800 to $ 1,000, enough to cover all expenses in Korea.
– Special: This is a great opportunity to support those who wish to study abroad and work with them to gain knowledge and qualifications in accordance with Korean standards. After completing the study, you have the right to apply for permanent employment or permanent residence in Korea.
2. Requirements, conditions and enrollment criteria are as follows:
– Information and enrollment requirements: Students who are enrolled in the program must have real study requirements, Korean language training duration of one year followed by specialized studies at universities, language in Korea.
– Study and work time: Study in grade 4 ~ 5 hours / day and combine 4 hours / day with extra working time. Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, students are free to work overtime, unlimited time
• – Standard:
• Male Female; ages 18 to 25
• Education: Graduated from upper secondary school with GPA 6.5 or higher, vocational school, vocational school, college or university.
• Have good health to study and work in Korea
3. Cost:
– $ 188 million to $ 202 million (fees may vary depending on the student’s enrollment, student services and US $ rate at the time of enrollment)
4. A registration dossier comprises:
– High school diploma and transcript (notarized copy, original)
– Diploma, DDH and transcript (notarized copy, original) (if any).
– CV with photo and confirmation by local authorities (according to the company’s guidelines).
– Birth certificate (copy, original)
– Household registration book (notarized copy, original)
– Original savings book and photocopy (savings account must be submitted before the application period is 6 months, minimum 10,000 USD) (if any).
– A copy of notarization of the red book of land (compulsory), business registration certificate (if the family has its own company), papers proving that the parent owns valuable assets such as automobiles, share (if any)
– Proof of guarantor and student (notarized copy, original)
– 10 photos of 3 x 4cm, 10 photos of 4 x 6cm (white shirt, tie, black vest, white background) taken no more than 3 months
• – Passport.
5. Time of receipt
– All the months of the year (early filing is more advantageous in processing applications and financial proof)
6. Location of application
Address: 08B-L2-R2, 2nd floor, Vincom MegaMall R2, Royal city, Hanoi
Phone: 024.6688.5001 Hotline: 01693270890